Weekly Slot Promotions

Mondays - NEW!

50+ Day

8am - Midnight

Player’s Club Members age 50+ earning 2 points on their card can swipe their card at the KIOSK to receive $10 in slot play for that day and 10% off the buffet or deli. Also, enjoy FREE cookies at the Player’s Club from 10am to 11am and 2pm to 3pm (while supplies last).

Tuesdays - NEW!

Men’s Day

8am - Midnight

Male Players Club Members earning 10 points on their card can receive $10 in slot play for that day. Offer valid for one $10 slot play every Tuesday, non-transferrable. 

All men receive $.50 off drinks in the Lounge on Men's Day.

Wednesdays - NEW!

Ladies’ Day

8am - Midnight

Female Players Club Members earning 10 points on their card can receive $10 in slot play for that day. Offer valid for one $10 slot play every Wednesday, non-transferrable.

All women receive $.50 off drinks in the Lounge on ladies' day.


Earn & Get

10 AM - 10 PM

Earn 100 points and receive one free item. Stop by the Players Club to see the item of the day! Promotion valid while supplies last. 


surf & turf buffet

5 PM - 11 PM

Select Saturdays. See event calendar.






  • 6:00PM
  • $10 Entry fee, $15 buy-in
  • $1,500 in tournament chips 
  • 15 Minute rounds
  • $10 add-on will receive 2,500 in chips.



  • 6:00PM
  • $15 Entry fee, $50 buy-in
  • $5 Re-buys 
  • $5,000 in tournament chips
  • 15 minute rounds
  • $65 Entry and re-entry for the first hour; Re-entry and $20 add-on for each entry and re-entry will receive 2,000 in chips.
  • $500 House Add-on with 16 entries 



  • 4:00PM
  • $15 Entry fee, $60 buy-in
  • Optional add-on for each entry and re-entry is $30 to receive 4,000 in tournament chips with $20 to pool / $10 to house.  Entries and re-entries allowed for the first four rounds.
  • 15 minute rounds

Royal Flush Jackpot Promotion

  • Promotion starts with $100 and $20 is added each day we have a live game for six hours. Each suit will feature a different “suited” Royal Flush Jackpot. Ex. Spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts will all have their own jackpot, but the other jackpots will stay at the amount they are at the time the spade jackpots goes. In-house check will be awarded to the winner.

Monthly Promotions

There are also a variety of Dakota Sioux promotions held throughout the year. Monthly promotions involve opportunities such as random name drawings for cash or other prizes. There is always something going on that can help Players Club members take their gaming experience to the next level.

Personalized Promotions

Players Club members also enjoy special promotions on their birthdays and their wedding anniversaries. On birthdays, players can receive a free gift and $10 in free slot play when they produce ID proving their birthday. On wedding anniversaries, couples can receive $20 in free slot play and a free drink when they show some kind of proof of their anniversary, such as a newspaper clipping. It is the perfect way to celebrate any milestone.

*All players must be 21 years of age and have a player's club card & valid ID to participate. All DNGE rules apply.