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Feel the rush of the DEAL
and getting that BLACK JACK

at Dakota Sioux Casino!

If you are new to Blackjack, our dealers are always happy to help you learn the rules. There are three basic principles to Blackjack that every player should learn:

  • The objective is to get 21 points with two cards;
    this is called a blackjack.
  • If you don’t get 21 on the first two cards,
    you want to hit a score higher than the
    dealer without breaking 21.
  • You can also let the dealer draw additional cards
    until his hand possibly exceeds 21.

While these are the basic principles, there are many other fun and interesting rules that keep the game challenging. It is quick to learn and fun for players of all skill levels!

Table Hours‍


Sunday – Thursday
4:00PM – 12:00AM

Friday – Saturday
4:00PM – 2:00AM

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