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at our craps table

at Dakota Sioux Casino!

Craps (the one with the cheering and the oval table) is a popular dice game where the objective is to predict the outcome of a roll of dice. It’s truly a game of chance which makes it one of THE most exciting games at DSC!

This game requires a good amount of strategy, with your money and with the dice. Take a look below for some information and then head on into DSC and take your roll of the dice!

  • The person whose turn it is to roll the dice is the “shooter.” The results of the shooter’s rolls will determine the outcome for all players. On the shooter’s first roll, or “come-out,” players wager by placing chips on either the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass Line.
  • After the come-out roll, a roll of seven is a losing roll on the “Pass Line” (the most common bet in craps). NEVER say the number seven at a craps table.
  • When there is a number marked by the “pucks,” it means that the number is the “point” of the game. This is the number that the shooter is trying to make before seven rolls.
  • If the point is made, the puck is turned “off” and the shooter shoots again. It is now a “come out roll.” A “come out roll” means that it is the beginning of the game and there in no point established.
  • If you missed the come-out roll – just create your own game! Place a bet on the Come Line. The same rules of the Pass Line apply, only you will be playing outside of the main Pass Line game.
  • There are a variety of bets that you can make in craps, but the most common are pass line, hard ways, and craps & eleven. Each will have their own set of rules and payout.
  • Pass Line Bet:Players are betting that on the first roll 7 or 11 rolls to win, 2, 3, or 12 loses. If a number such as: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 rolls, the number must repeat before a seven to win.
  • Don’t Pass Bet:Player betting that on the first roll 2 or 3 rolls to win, 12 is a push, 7 or 11 loses. If a number such as: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 rolls, a seven must roll before the number repeats.


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