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Title 31

The Title 31 compliance program is meant to discourage criminals from using banks, casinos and other financial institutions for their cash transactions. The Code of Federal Regulations requires tribal casinos to comply with the reporting of certain cash transactions.


  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security Card or complete a W9
  • Photo I.D.

Providing this information insures that when dealing with the government you can verify the source of the funds as legal wagering. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Due to the cash intensive nature of casinos, they are vulnerable to a variety of criminal activities.

With the expansion of gaming has come the expansion of the requirements under Title 31 to include all tribal, land-based and riverboat casino operations.

Thank you for your cooperation in supplying the information required under Title 31.

By filling out the requested forms and providing the necessary documents, you protect yourself from any government inquiries as to the source of this extra income. In turn, Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel is in compliance with all federal regulations regarding cash transactions.

As a nation, we protect one another through Title 31’s ability to create immense problems for criminals who threaten our lives and our society.